Vaccines have been used successfully for years to combat a variety of diseases – everything from polio to tetanus to measles. Some vaccine programs have been so successful, the disease has been eliminated (for example, smallpox). When a large enough percentage of the population is vaccinated against a disease, the tide turns and the disease becomes less of a threat to the community. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines on the NC Department of Health and Human Services website.

Top Reasons to Get Vaccinated

  • The faster people are vaccinated, the more likely it is we’ll return to a more normal lifestyle and be able to spend time with family and friends!
  • Vaccines protect not only ourselves but others in the community who might have conditions that put them at high risk of death if they get COVID-19
  • Vaccines are safe and effective
  • The COVID-19 vaccines are currently free for all
  • Very few people have had severe reactions to the vaccine
  • People who have already had COVID-19 will still receive protection from the vaccine
  • The vaccine has been approved for children ages 5+, and pregnant women are encouraged to get vaccinated. (They should speak with their doctors about any concerns.)

In short, vaccines help protect everyone in our communities. They are safe, important tools to combat disease. If you questions about your specific situation, we recommend you speak to your primary care provider.

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